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OnePlus vs Samsung

OnePlus vs Samsung: Which Is Better?

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One Plus and Samsung have been one of the toughest competitors in the world of Androids. There is a massive head-to-head rivalry between these two brands as, they both offer one of the finest functionalities in their respective mobile phones.

If we have to compare its battery performance, charging, processors, and other different specific category, it has always been neck to neck. It’s very hard to find out which brand can work. Both of the brands have been successful in captivating people’s interest towards it and have accumulated large number of people in both sides.

OnePlus is relatively a very young company established in 2013. OnePlus entered the scenario of the mobile market with the “Never Settle” iconic initiation, which eventually became a big threat to the bigger companies.

On the other hand, Samsung has been a big boss in this game for a very long period. They got established in 1969 in South Korea. Samsung has been consistently pushing its limitations by bringing innovations every year with dynamic designs and functionalities. Samsung has always delivered a top-notch performance in terms of camera quality, vibrant displays, and an exclusive ecosystem for different apps and services.

Today, in this article, we will be going to discuss the specifications, cameras, battery performance, operating system, and overall performance of these two giants (OnePlus vs Samsung). Stick with us throughout the content to gain more knowledge and valuable insights about which device best attracts you.

Battery Performance (OnePlus vs Samsung)

Both OnePlus and Samsung have one of the most impressive battery capabilities. Samsung typically prefers to incorporate large batteries in its flagship devices. Whereas, OnePlus tends to prioritize slimmer designs for their mobile phones.

Both OnePlus and Samsung prioritize fast charging functionalities in their smartphone to enhance the user experience to its fullest. They are very focused on improving the battery’s overall performance in the market as they know batteries determine the image of the smartphone.

If we have to compare the latest innovation of both brands, the OnePlus 11 vs Galaxy S23, they have one of the most magnificent overall performances among all the other Android models. OnePlus 11 has approximately 5000mAh of battery life which is more than enough for an individual for a day. On the other hand, Galaxy S23 has a battery health of only 3900mAh, which might be questionable at times.

There is one big advantage for Galaxy S23, if we talk about wireless charging. Samsung has offered wireless charging functionality in Galaxy S23. Whereas, OnePlus doesn’t offer these modern attributes in their latest boom, OnePlus 11.


Both of these brands offer a wide range of functionalities in camera. OnePlus vs Samsung, both thrives to improve their camera quality after every innovation. Samsung smartphones typically excel in low-light conditions with a wide range of shooting modes in it.

While OnePlus devices are popularly known for their sharp and detailed output of images. Purchasing any phone between any two of these brands boils down to the individual. Everybody has their personal preferences which can differ the choices of smartphones.

Both of the brand’s cameras had a big issue in terms of their front camera feature back in the day. But now, they have made a significant improvement in recent years with their new models. Both of them offer high-resolution selfie functions and also have various filters or beauty modes that help to enhance the user experience in the camera, exponentially.

Camera of OnePlus and Samsung
Source: RPRNA

OnePlus 11 has 50MP Main with 1/1.56-inch Sony IMX890 sensor, which is considered as one of the finest sensors in the world. It also offers 48MP ultrawide , 32MP Telephoto and 16MP front camera quality.

Samsung also delivers of the qualitative camera quality with a 50MP wide, 12MP Ultrawide lens, 10MP Telephoto, and 10MP wide front camera.

Operating System

Samsun’s One UI is a feature-rich operating system that provides one of the smoothest and most user-friendly experiences to people. With a great system, it allows every individual to customize the settings to their own choice. Samsung has also featured multi-window support in its operating system.

On the other hand, OnePlus’ OxygenOS is known for its near-stock Android experience, which provides a smooth, clean, and minimalist interface to the users. The primary motive of the OnePlus’, this operating system is to not make any process very time-consuming for the user and effort to always deliver a seamless user experience with qualitative software updates timely.

Both of the operating systems has been game changer in the market of android. These operating system always diminishes the way to decrease the user experience.

Gaming Performance

Both OnePlus vs Samsung has been one of the greatest contenders for gaming. These brands provide powerful processors and ample RAM in their every device, which results in enhancing the user’s gaming experience. They offer gamers the to enjoy their games with hd graphics without experiencing any lags or frame drops between the games.

Both of the brands have features the mode named game mode, which offers gamers a wide range of functions that can be applicable while gaming. This is one of the primary functionality which increases the gaming quality of the user.

If we have to dive into their latest models, OnePlus 11 and Samsung Galaxy S23, both of them uses one of the strongest processor named, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Talking about its GPU, both smartphone uses Qualcomm Adreno 740 as well.

At the end of the day, choosing a smartphone for gaming all depends upon the individual itself. We recommend everyone to go through its reviews before purchasing any smartphone for a specific purpose.

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Display Technology

Both of the brands have presented magnificent displays on their respective smartphones. Samsung has accumulated its recognition in the world through its amazing AMOLED displays, which are known for vibrant colors, deep blacks, and huge energy efficiency.

On the other side of the coin, OnePlus uses Fluid AMOLED displays in their smartphones which conveys similar qualities to Samsung’s AMOLED display. The display of OnePlus is known for its smooth refresh rates and color accuracy.

Design and Build Quality

Talking about Samsung’s build quality, its phones are mostly built from feature premium materials and sleek designs. The company’s attention goes to providing detailed results in aesthetically pleasing devices.

OnePlus has always kept its approach with minimalistic design philosophies, which focus on clean lines and elegant appearance. According to different reviews both of the company’s devices had received a wide amount of positive feedback and compliments regarding their design and build quality.

Its different traits have made them established as one of the most successful mobile brands in the world. Their main motive is to always provide one of the smoothest and most friendly experiences to all the people out there who own their smartphones.

OnePlus vs Samsung
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