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Sony Camera Settings

How To Change Sony Camera Settings

Sony Camera Settings
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There are different models of Sony cameras in the market. Every camera provides unique image and video quality, amazing in-built functions, a positive user experience, and strong specifications with similar key functionalities in different budget ranges. Most of the Sony camera has been successful in captivating people’s interest towards it.

If you want to click amazing photography and videography by customizing your own Sony DSLR camera then, stick with us throughout the content to gain more knowledge and valuable insights on how we can change Sony camera settings to their fullest use.

What is Manual Mode?

Manual Mode can be defined as the mode where the user gets full control over the camera’s settings. Once the user sets the camera to manual, he/she can adjust varieties of settings including flash, ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. The user can change these primary components as per their need.

Why Manual Mode is Very Powerful?

Manual Mode consists of various key components which change the photos drastically such as ISO (It is one of the three elements which controls the exposure while taking photography), Aperture (It is a hole in the lens that takes control of the light getting into the camera and adjusts the image sharpness and depth of field), and Shutter Speed (It also controls exposure just as other two elements and it can control the way motion is portrayed in the photo as well).

This is why Manual Mode is very strong as you can decide on how each photo will look. These 3 key elements can take the quality of images beyond the dimensions. It is very easy to use because of its understandable fundamentals.

Sony Camera Settings
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Sony Camera Settings
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What is White Balance in Sony Camera?

White Balance is one Manual Mode that can be a game changer in terms of photography in a Sony camera. Learning how to set White Balance and mastering it can be a worthy decision that will pay whole lifetime. A person having passion and good learning ability can easily master the skill of white balance in a short period.

If we talk about its functions, it allows users to remove color casts from the scene by adjusting the white balance resulting in neutral white tones of the image. Another reason why people use it mostly is because it can also remove yellow tones and redness on the skin of the person without even noticing.

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How to Use Manual Mode?

As we have already discussed, manual mode allows users to change the ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed of their own choice. Here is the step-by-step algorithm on how one can adjust settings in Manual Mode.

  • Set the Aperture Based on the Depth of the Field: You can set the Aperture to your desire. There are two options you can choose in Aperture. That are making the background blurry or making it sharp. If you want the background blurry, pick a wide aperture, and if you want to make the background sharp, pick a narrow aperture.
  • Set the Shutter Speed: You can change the shutter speed for the sharpness of the image. You can change it according to you need. If you are shooting with your hand then experts suggest moving away below 1/125s and if your subject is moving quickly, you can change it to 1/800s.
  • Set the ISO: ISO can also be changed according to your need. If you are changing ISO then experts advise users to manage their Aperture and Shutter Speed as well. ISO should be changed with the camera’s demand. At first, set your ISO to 100 or even 160,200,50 which can be depending on the user’s camera. And gradually adjust it according to the photos you are about to snap.

How To Set Up Your Sony Camera For Flash Photography: Step-By-Step

Before following the process to adjust the camera for flash photography, the user should keep in mind to create a custom mode for flash. Creating a custom mode can build up convenience and efficiency, consistency in flash settings, and build personalized flash configuration.

  • Switch off silent shooting.
  • Switch off electronic front curtain shutter.
  • Switch off wireless.
  • Separates exposure compensation for ambient and flash.
  • Turn off anti-flicker mode.
  • Select shot result preview to a button.
  • Set ISO manually depending upon your flash power.

After following all these procedures formally you are good to go. Experts advise users to follow the given instruction clearly without missing anything to match their expected result.

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