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Elephone ELE W7

Elephone ELE W7 Smart Band: Specifications

Elephone ELE W7 is a newly launched smart band in the market. The Elephone ELE W7 Smart Band is a must-have for everyone who wishes to measure their exercise and stay healthy.

This smart band is supposed to measure your steps, monitor your heart rate, and maintain a record of your sleep, among other things. Exercise trackers have become a popular item for exercise enthusiasts and health-conscious people.

Elephone ELE W7: Design

The Elephone ELE W7 Smart Band includes a fashionable and elegant design that is ideal for everyday use. The Smartband is composed of high-quality silicone that is both pleasant to wear and simple to clean.

The band is adjustable, so it will fit any wrist size. The band has a big OLED display that makes reading your fitness statistics simple. The display is vivid, and you may change the watch’s face to suit your preferences.

Elephone ELE W7: Battery Life

The Elephone ELE W7 Smart Band’s battery life is quite impressive. It can last up to 7 days on a single charge. The band contains a USB charging connector, which makes charging the smartphone simple.

The band also offers a low-power consumption option that aids in battery life conservation. This feature makes the band stand alone on top. You may use the smart band for a week without having to worry about running out of battery power.

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Elephone ELE W7: Specifications


Screen size0.96 Inch
Display type TFT LCD
Screen resolution 250×340
Touch type Touch Button (Touch Key)
Design Rectangle


Size 24.50 x 2.25 x 1.34 cm
Weight 24.50 x 2.25 x 1.34 cm
Body casePC


OS PlatformProprietary OS
CPUNordic 52832


Internal memory Unknown
RAM Unknown
Extra slot Nope


SIM SlotNone
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0


Battery 160mAh Standby time: 25 days
Charging technology Direct USB Charging

Body Resistance

Body protectionIP67 Water Proof
Glass technology Unknown

Other Details

Sensors/Functions Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer
Camera None
Colors Black, dark slate blue, viola purple
Features call and message notifications, Sedentary reminders, Sleep monitor, Remote Camera, Remote music, walking, running, cycling, soccer, basketball, volleyball, skiing
Other details Multiple Dials

Compatibility and Price

Compatibility Android and iOS
Price $34

Elephone ELE W7: Fitness Tracking Features

The Elephone ELE W7 Smart Band has superior fitness monitoring capabilities that make it the perfect fitness tracker. The band is full of smart features like a step counter that counts your steps and also measures your heart rate in real time.

Additionally, the band also carries a sleep monitor that records your sleep patterns, including the amount of time spent in deep and light sleep. The right amount of sleep is required for any living beings. The band also contains a sedentary reminder that informs you when you have been sitting for too long.

Is Elephone ELE W7 a Good Investment?

The Elephone ELE Smart Band is a great fitness tracker for exercise-obsessive and health-conscious people. The band is attractive and elegant, plus it contains superior fitness monitoring capabilities that make it the perfect fitness tracker.

The band has a long battery life (up to 7 days on a single charge) and is simple to charge. If you want an accurate and fashionable fitness tracker, the Elephone ELE Smart Band is an excellent investment.

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