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DM68 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch

DM68 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch: Specifications

DM68 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch is a new innovative watch that is gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts and individuals who are more concerned about their regular health. This watch especially helps its users to keep track of their blood pressure, heart rate, and other essential health statistics on a daily basis. 

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DM68: Design and Display

Imagine looking at the DM60 watch and you begin to like it at a glimpse of its 0.95-inch LCD display that is both tiny and vivid. Interacting with the watch is as simple as a tap thanks to the smart touch button interface. The screen’s 96 × 64-pixel resolution guarantees that all information is crisp and easy to read.

It’s like having a small piece of modern convenience on your wrist. The DM60’s user-friendly display adds a touch of elegance to your daily routine, whether you’re checking the time or exploring its capabilities.

The DM60 watch is purely functional in design, measuring 26.00 x 3.30 x 1.15 cm. Despite its utility, it is lightweight (just 0.16 kg), making it easy to wear for extended periods of time.

The watch’s sturdy plastic case finds a mixture of toughness and convenience, guaranteeing it can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re on the go or taking a break, the DM60’s smartly built body demonstrates both adaptability and dependability.

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DM68 Specifications:


Screen size 0.95″ inch
Display type LCD
Screen resolution 96 x 64 pixels
Touch type Touch Button (Touch Key)


Size26.00 x 3.30 x 1.15 cm
Weight 0.16 kg


OS PlatformProprietary OS
NRF51822 (MO)CPU


Internal Storage 256KB
Extra memory slotNone


SIM Slot None
Bluetooth Version 4.0
USB None

DM68: Battery

Battery Capacity 120 mAh Standby time 15 days
Charging technology Magnetic Charging Cable

DM68 Other Features

Body protectionIP67 Waterproof
Sensors 3-axis, 3D acceleration, Blood pressure Monitor, pedometer
Camera None
Features Message and Call reminder, Blood Pressure, Heart rate monitor, Sleep monitor, Remote Camera, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, find phone feature
Colors Black, Red, Neon

Compatibility and Price

CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Price $49

Features of the DM68 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch

The DM68 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch is a versatile smartwatch that provides users with a collection of features to assist in tracking their health data. The most prominent and loved feature of DM60 is its ability to monitor blood pressure. 

The watch’s sensors detect blood pressure, providing users with reliable results that they may use to monitor their health.

In addition to blood pressure monitoring, The DM68 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch accurately measures steps taken and calories burned in addition to heart rate.

Additionally, it has a sleep monitoring tool that evaluates the caliber of your relaxation and offers advice on how to improve your sleeping habits.

The DM68 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch is water-resistant, making it appropriate for use when swimming or engaging in other water-based activities. It has a long-lasting battery life that may last up to 7 days on a single charge, and a USB port can be used to charge it rapidly.

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Is DM68 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch a Good Smartwatch to buy? 

The DM68 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch will surely be a smart move to buy who have serious concerns about their health. Monitoring your blood pressure, heart rate, and other critical health indicators provides you with significant insights into your mind. It often helps you take action to improve it.

The watch is also very versatile and convenient to use, thanks to its flexible design and extended battery life. You may wear it throughout the day and night, recording your health data and obtaining insights into your sleep quality.

Finally, the DM68 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch is reasonably priced, making it accessible for all watch lovers. It’s a great buy for anyone who wants to take command of their health and measure their progress over time.

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