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Bakeey UW90 Smartwatch

Bakeey UW90 Smartwatch: Design, Features, Price and Specs

Bakeey UW90 Smartwatch is an excellent cheap watch with an excellent balance of style and quality currently available in the market. The watch is more suitable for people who wish to stay connected on multiple social sites using their phones without having to monitor their phones on a regular basis.

The smartwatch offers various characteristics that set it apart from the competition.


The Bakeey UW90 Smartwatch has a full 1.2-inch circular display which makes it look classier. Unlike any other Bakeey Smartwatch, it is also made up of an IPS LCD display. The interesting feature of UW90 is it uses an e-ink display which is both power efficient as well as visible outdoors during direct sunlight.

However, the touch screen feature is not available in watch UW90 and it is controlled by four physical buttons. The display of UW90 is King Kong display glass which is brilliant in terms of durability. It has a two-tone silicon strap with stainless steel clasp.


Bakeey UW90 offers different sports modes such as Walking, running, hiking, climbing, treadmill, riding, and boating. Maximum sports comes with a compass and built-in GPS. They all are the inclusive features of UW90.

Moreover, the smartwatch is also full of sensors, heart rate monitoring sensors, and built-in GPS.

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Screen size1.2″ inch
Display type E-ink
Screen resoultion Screen resolution
Touch type No
Size 48.5(D)* 16mm
Weight 108 g
Frame Stainless Steel
OS Platform Proprietary OS
Extra Memory slot None
SIM None
Bluetooth 4.0
USB None
Battery life 450 mAh lithium polymer battery
Charging TechnologyCharging Clip
Resistant 30 meters waterproof
Protection GlassKingKong Glass Technology
SensorG-sensor, heart rate monitor, compass, GPS
Colors Yellow, Red, Gray
Package content 1 x Manual
1 x Bakeey UW90 SmartWatch.
1 x Charging clip.
Compatibility Android and iOS
Price $99

Pros and Cons of UW90:

Pros of Bakeey UW90

  1. The build quality of the watch is much stronger.
  2. Affordable price.
  3. Includes day-to-day basic features

Cons of Bakeey UW90

  1. Circular in shape which results in displaying tiny information.
  2. It may look like a traditional design watch

Price of Bakeey UW90:

The price of Bakeey UW90 is $99. The Watches are still available in plenty of wholesalers and retailers. It can be easier if you directly order it from the Bakeey store or via online shopping.

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