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iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14 Reviews (2023): Is It The Best Phone?

Source: Apple

iPhone 14 has been one of the game change devices in the world of tech. This monster was released in the international market on September 16, 2022. From that day, it had been successful in arousing interest in people through its craftings with the finest materials, strong in-built features, great specifications, amazing camera quality, and better overall performance.

iPhone 14 can also e considered a better version of iPhone 13. This device has been one of the most minimal upgrades in the history of the Apple Industry. iPhone 14 can be a good upgrade to your device if you are concerned about the overall performance.

Are you excited to dive deep down into more apple iPhone 14 reviews? Stick with us throughout the content to gain more knowledge and valuable insights about iPhone 14.

Price of iPhone 14

The price of an iPhone 14 can be varied from place to place, country to country due to various unavoidable circumstances like VAT, Tax, import/ export taxes, customs duties, and so on.

iPhone has gained recognition in the world as a high-budget ranged device. If we have to compare its security system and functionalities, the iPhones are placed at a satisfactory price.

6GB + 128GB$999
6GB + 256GB$1,099
6GB + 512$1,299
6GB + 1024GB$1,499

iPhone 14 Features

iPhone has been one of the most familiar smartphones which provides exceptional unique features. This phone has a 6.1-inch OLED screen, which consists of a screen notch, ceramic shield, and matte-finished aluminum like the iPhone 13.

We can say, iPhone 14 is an upgrade version of the iPhone 13, which provides additional features with additional specifications that will enhance the user experience exponentially. You will be shocked when I tell you how much heavy is iPhone 14. iPhone 14 is actually very light in weight with only 0.172 kilograms and can be holded with tight and comfortable grip.

This can also be considered as the primary reason to upgrade your device to iPhone 14. iPhone 14 is water as well as dust resistance. The phone can survive 6 meters deep in the water, which can exceed the limit of user to take the phone in water.

iPhone 14 Camera

iPhone 14’s camera is one of the traits of this smartphone. Its camera as well as video quality is beyond the limit of many smartphones. Its camera has never failed to recognize the user’s experience expectations.

iPhone 14 offers a variety of unique in-built functionalities with a total of three cameras. It includes a main wide angle, ultrawide cameras on the back, and a TrueDepth camera system on the front. If we have to compare iPhone 13 with iPhone 14, iPhone 14’s main camera consists of a larger sensor than iPhone 13, which is a plus point for the users. It is built with f1.5 aperture.

There are two rear cameras on iPhone 14 with a 12MP sensor. The camera offers various features to users like burst mode, portrait mode, deep fusion, and so on. This smartphone’s camera also provides more pixels to improve low-light image capture.

Camea Quality
Source: CNET

As we can see in the photo captured by iPhone 14, the image is provided with a lot of inner details and has smoothness in it. iPhone 14’s camera has always been one of the favorites for many but, the iPhone 14’s camera quality didn’t reach its full potential as there is a lack of overall image quality and performance.

How is iPhone 14’s Night Mode Quality?

iPhone 14’s night mode has been improved in a wide range compared to other models of Apple. But, the night mode can still be much better as it lacks light source reflection. The expectations of people didn’t meet with the quality of night mode.

iPhone 14 Night Mode
Source: CNET

iPhone 14 Processor

iPhone 14 uses Apple’s A15 Bionic chip as its processor. Back in the days, this processor had two versions of chip, one for iPhone 13 and another for iPhone 13 Mini. Talking about the performance in iPhone 14, animations is very smooth.

This phone can be the best option for people who are a gaming enthusiast. Gamers can also expect wide ranges of functionalities related to gaming, which will add up the enhancement of individual experience.

iPhone 14 Processor
Source: Digital Trends

Battery and iOS

iPhone 14 is built with iOS 16, which can be later on upgraded to 16.5. The iOS has not been in much demand in the market, but we can see a lot of vast improvements in its system. We can see positive changes in  lock screen, notification management, privacy options, messaging apps and so on.

This can enhance the user’s experience to some more percentage. The battery of the iPhone 14 has been performing great with long-lasting health. It has a total of 3297 mAh battery. It also provides users to charge up their phones by up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

As we all know, the battery charging speed of many iPhone models is comparatively very slow. But, iPhone 14 provides a unique function to an individual where they can charge up their phone up to 50% in just 30 minutes which can save a ton of time and patience for the user.

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Pros and Cons of iPhone 14

iPhone 14
Source: Tom’s Guide

There is always two sides of the same coin. We cannot only expect positive results in every smartphone. If should experience both sides, negative as well as positive while dealing with every phone manufactured in this world.

You don’t have to worry, there are many pros of iPhone 14 than cons compared to other mobile phones. So, let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 14.

Pros (Advantages)

  • It consists of sharp display.
  • It has made many internal recraft for easier repairability for the user.
  • It has long-lasting battery life.
  • It has loud stereo-speakers with excellent sounds.
  • It has one of the strongest chipset.
  • It provides high-quality photos and videos in all three cameras equally.
  • It has added two new functionalities, autofocus on the selfie camera and action mode.


  • Its notch still needs some more additional improvements.
  • Its fast charging isn’t exactly fast.
  • Adapting to apple’s iOS restriction ecosystem can be very challenging to new comers.

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