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Aiwatch Y6 Phone Smartwatch

Aiwatch Y6 Phone Smartwatch: Display, Battery & Specs

Aiwatch Y6 has been one of the most promising watches over there in the market. Aiwatch Y6 Phone Smartwatch is designed to be a phone. It is an innovative device that performs the work of both phones and watches as per user need.

Aiwatch Y6 is a perfect watch for any human who wants to stay connected 24×7 whilst having a wearable watch that can do varieties of tasks.

Design and Display

Talking about its design and display, Aiwatch Y6 looks like any of the other watches from a distance. However, it is not only a watch that displays the time it does more than that. The alloy metal covers the outer surface of the watch making it looks more premium, stronger, and rust resistant.

The straps are nothing out of the ordinary watches; it perfectly fits and gets attached to the wrist. The phone smartwatch is light and comfortable to wear, making it ideal for day-to-day use.

The display of Y6 is a round 1.5-inch IPS touchscreen with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The display is bright and clear, making it easy to read messages and notifications. The Y6 screen is user-friendly and easy to use.

Such screen size with a high-resolution picture displays beautiful graphics and provides users with the best experience. The Aiwatch Y6 Phone Smartwatch offers a sleek and attractive design that is suitable for both men and women. The Clock UI is designed to create a fashion statement; you can customize it to match your style, dress, and event.

How Much Does Y6 Battery Last?

Aiwatch Y6 phone smartwatch’s battery is of 350Mah which is very long lasting. The average users have no problem with its battery capacity for the whole day. It lasts for more than 30 hours.

The 350Mah battery may last for two days on a single full charge.  The smartwatch comes with a USB cable for charging the device.

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The Aiwatch Y6 Phone Smartwatch includes a number of features that make it an excellent gadget. It can call and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and access to social media.

The smartwatch also consists of a pedometer, which is much beneficial to those who want to track their daily steps. It also has a sleep monitor, which can track your sleep patterns and offer information about your sleep quality. The Aiwatch Y6 Phone Smartwatch also includes a camera for taking low-resolution photographs.


Screen size1.33 inch
DisplayIPS LCD
Resolution240 x 240
Touch typeMulti-touch
Size 4.60 x 4.90 x 1.50 cm
Weight 0.580 kg
OS PlatformProprietary OS
Internal storage 32 MB
Memory slotMicrophone
SIM SlotMicro
Bluetooth Yes Bluetooth version: V3.0
USBYes Micro USB
Battery Capacity380 mAh
Charging CableUSB Charging Cable
Sensors Pedometer
Speaker No
Mircophone No
Compatibility Android

Pros and Cons


  • It is well-designed in terms of looks.
  • Able to do multiple works
  • Much affordable
  • The speaker is best in its range.


  • The battery life could have been better.
  • The 0.08-megapixel camera is too outdated.

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